32 Years of Service for the International Development Community

Since 1982, HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CORP. has been providing energy and environmental policy consulting, project management and procurement services for multinational institutions, such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, bilateral development organizations, such as the US Trade and Development Agency, the German Technical Cooperation Agency GTZ, foreign governments, corporate clients and private investors in Europe, Africa, North and South America, the Middle East and Central Asia.

As part of a collaborative network of independent consultants, HIBC draws upon its worldwide cooperation with specialized associates and strategic alliances with other consulting firms. This enables the firm to offer a wide range of experiences and skills for the individual needs of each client, to tailor outstanding professional services and focus the right combination of knowledge and perspective on the specific tasks of each project. Using its proven networking and integration skills, project management capabilities and industry knowledge, HIBC assumes overall responsibility for the development of work programs and budgets, efficient implementation of the project tasks, preparation of high quality deliverables and continuous collaboration with the clients, donor organizations and other stakeholders. Highly qualified, individual consultants or teams of local and international professionals are offered for services in the following areas of primary expertise:


Energy Policy Development and Advisory for the Oil, Gas and Power Sector

Restructuring and Privatization of State Enterprises in the Energy and Public Utility Sectors

Drafting and  Implementation of Regulatory and Institutional Reform  Legislation and Regulations for Oil, Gas and Power Sector

Technology Transfer in Refining, Lubricants, Chemicals,  Automotive Products, Used Oils and Chemical Waste Management

Technical and Logistical Support for Wire Line Coring, Scientific and Research Drilling for Oil and Gas, Geothermal, Mineral, Volcanic, Earthquake and other Applications

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Marketing, Trading and Transportation Polices, Practices and Procedures for Importers, Exporters and Traders; Organizational Advise and Training for Trading Departments of Public and Private Oil Companies and Government Institutions

Transport and Energy Planning and Engineering

Public Sector Participation (PSP) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) Financing and Concession Systems

Development and Improvement of Bidding Techniques and Appraisal of Tenders, Risk management

Training in Application of Modern Tools and Procedure for Market Evaluation and Business Procedures for Trading and Marketing Executives.



Environmental Policy Development and Advisory for the Energy and Urban Transport Sector

Strategy Design for Climate Change Projects

Environmental Impact Assessments and Site Assessments for Oil and Gas Upstream and Downstream Operations, Plants and Facilities On-shore and Off-shore, including Health Impacts, Biodiversity, Wildlands Ecology, Compensation of Local Population for Impacts incurred to Agriculture and Land Use, Resettlement and other Socio-Economic Aspects

Development and Implementation of Air Quality Improvement Strategies through Reformulation of Fuels and Motor Vehicle Standards

Development and Implementation of Regulatory Strategies for Alternative and Clean Fuels (CNG, LPG, H2, LNG, Biofuels and Others)

Design and Implementation of Vehicle Inspection, Maintenance,  Retrofit and Emission Control Programs, Regulations and Facilities

Design and Implementation of Vapor Recovery Systems

Emission Inventories and Emission Factor Development for Fuels, Motor Stationary Sources, and Area Sources

Health Benefit Evaluations, Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Air Pollution Control Strategies

Sanitation and Hazardous Waste Management.



Development of Regulatory Methodology, Design, Implementation or Strengthening of Institutional Structures for Formulation of National and Adoption of International Technical and Environmental Standards, Codes of Conduct and Technical Regulations for all Economic Sectors.

Drafting of Procedures and Guidelines, Training of Regulatory Personnel and Institutional Capacity Building for Enforcement of Standardization Systems

Drafting and Application of ASTM, SAE and API Testing and QA/QC Procedures for Petroleum Products, Lubricants, and Chemicals for manufacturing Standards and Consumer Protection

ISO and Other International Procedures for Industrial Plant Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection

ILAC for Inter-laboratory Inspection, Accreditation, and Calibration, Repeatability and Reproducibility Testing

Lean Manufacturing, 6-Sigma, and Total Quality Management Studies

Products Quality and Compliance Studies, Customer Satisfaction Evaluations

Laboratory Equipment and Hardware Selection, Drafting/Adoption of Procedures and Protocols, System Development and Training for Legal Metrology Bodies  

Conversion of International Units System to English Units System for Various Types of Measurements

Design and Enforcement of Quality Standards and Emission Controls for Producers, Refiners, Marketers and Importers of Fuels, Lubricants and Additives 


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Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building:

Developing Sector Reform Strategies for Improvement, Expansion and Maintenance of Public Services to Support Sustainable Economic and Social Development, involving Donors and Stakeholders

Providing Technical Assistance and Training to Regulatory Agencies for Development of Governance Capacity, Human and Technical Resources, Adoption and Implementation of Sector Reform Strategies and Institutional Strengthening for Public Service Providers

Quality Management Systems for Public and Private Service Providers

Development and Adoption of International Technical Standards and Norms

Design and Implementation of Emergency Supply Plans for the Energy Sector

Capacity Building for Environmental Management of the Petroleum Industry

Specialized in the Development and Implementation of Institutional and Regulatory  Reform Concepts for the Energy and Environmental Sectors



Evaluation and Organization of Technical Cooperation Projects for International Development Institutions and Government Agencies

Marketing Concepts and Business Plans for Exporters, Importers and Distributors of Industrial Equipment and Supplies

Feasibility Studies and Risk Evaluation for Corporate and Private Investors

Business Plans for Power Marketers, including Operation and Strategy, Staffing, Administration, Trading, Marketing Objectives, Regulatory and Risk Management

Due Diligence and Profitability Assessment for Acquisition of Power Marketers, Generation and Transmission Assets

Structuring and Negotiation of International Cooperation Agreements and Joint Ventures.


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